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Austin Zilker Park Kite Festival 2011!February 28, 2011
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It’s that time of the year again!

March 6, 2011 is the 82nd annual Zilker Park Kite Festival! Grab a kite, bring the family and friends, and have a blast in Zilker Park!

America’s oldest festival continuous kite festival returns for more family fun!



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Tips for enjoying Zilker Park Kite Festival
February 21, 2011 By Joseph De Leon

I didn’t know what I was doing when I first attended the festival in 2010. I had just started making kites the year before but I had never been to an organized kite fly. I had never even been to Zilker Park.

I had spent the previous night preparing what I would take, including six kites, a box of tools and a bag of mending supplies. If I had paid as much attention to my comfort as I did the kites, I would have enjoyed the festival more.

Here’s my list of suggestions for the 83rd Zilker Park Kite Festival:

Arrive early
The festival opens at 10 a.m., but the crowd doesn’t seem to swell until closer to noon. There was another wave of spectators in the late afternoon, but parking is scarce. Fortunately, there is a shuttle service and Zilker Park offers renowned bike access.

Expect delays
I was stunned at the sheer number of people who attended. More than 25,000 have attended past festivals. That means long lines everywhere, especially on any roads near Zilker Park, some of which will be closed to traffic.

Dress for the weather
March is often cool in the mornings and evenings, but afternoons can be quite warm. Add to that steady winds and you could be in for unpleasant exposure if you don’t plan well. I recommend brining a wind breaker, a hat and comfortable shoes. Other essentials include sun block, lip balm and sun glasses.

Bring a chair
There are few places to sit on Zilker’s Great Lawn and most of those spots will be taken early on. Bring a folding chair, beach blanket or stadium cushion. Some people bring large umbrellas or lean-to tents for shade.

Take a picnic
It’s always nice to share a picnic with friends and family. Bring an ice chest, but alcohol and glass containers are prohibited in Zilker Park. On-site vendors will offer all sorts of refreshments and food.

Plan your day
There is a lot to see, so make sure to check out the festival schedule so you’ll know where to be for the kite workshop or contest.

Bring a kite or not
If you bring a kite, awesome! You can also buy a kite at the festival or make one at an on-site workshop. Either way, make sure to follow kite etiquette. Hundreds of kites will be in the air at any given time, especially as the day progresses. I recommend flying early and staying upwind of trees.

Watch out for others
Be aware of your surroundings. Most people will be looking up and far into the distance, especially those flying kites. Many people sit on the ground where they can find space. It’s a combination that sometimes results in collisions, unintentional trip ups and the occasional tangled kite line.

Bring your best friend
Four-legged friends are welcome. Break out your dog’s favorite T-shirt; this is the place for well-dressed canines. Don’t forget to bring food, a water dish, a leash and bags to clean up after your pet.

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